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Fried-Day News Nuggets, August 23, 2013: Batman, Regeneration, and Scotty Sounds Off


This week, much exploding happened whether fans were caterwauling about their fandoms’ latest announcements or Simon Pegg was voicing his opinion of fans’ opinions, so here is the News of this week in Sci Fi, Fantasy, Science, and Geek:

News of Ben Affleck playing Batman in the Man of Steel sequel caused the internet to explode. It is still exploding over this casting choice. Daredevil, anyone?

Steven Moffat admitted that the Doctor can only regenerate 12 times and caused Doctor Who forums to explode with worry and vitriole over his assumed Machiavellian role in possibly ruining the show. Good to see the world is staying predictable.

Joss Whedon caused one of my favorite Fantasy and Sci Fi forums on Facebook to not explode, but have a super long thread because he declared his dislike for the much beloved The Empire Strikes Back. For the record, I think he misses the point. Stop thinking like an 8 year old, Joss.

Someone made a Cthulu out of Lego that is fascinating.

Katee Sackhoff threw her hat into the ring, publicly and declared her desire to play Harley Quinn. Someone get on that, stat.

This Medieval rendition of the X-Men showed up.

Here’s a look at the Sci Fi Winter movies that are promising.

Simon Pegg expressed his feelings about fans declaring Star Trek: Into Darkness the worst Trek film.

This really bad trailer for a potentially really bad Fantasy film, called The Legend of the Red Reaper came to my attention. The blond chick in this clip reminds me and my friends of a female Khan. We have dubbed her Khannie. Who knows?  Maybe it is better than Sharknado.

And last but not least, an online friend of mine finished the time lapse video of her year long TARDIS building project. It is fascinating. Consider subscribing to her on YouTube.

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