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Craftin’ and Cookin’ the Deep Fried Way Part Five: Fantasy Thrives

alice and dorothy I realize a lot of our posts lately have been leaning heavily towards Fantasy as opposed to Sci Fi and this post will be no exception, but I promise that we will be remedying this situation very soon.  Hang in there. This week we are featuring media which celebrates food and creative endeavors based on Fantasy worlds. On deck are a duet of books that were penned by the creative team of props/fashion stylist, Hannah Read-Baldrey and art director/avid crafter, Christine Leech. Everything Alice and the follow up book, Everything Oz are books with creative “makes and bakes” inspired by the books and many film adaptations of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and The Wonderful Wizard of Oz. Both Read-Baldrey and Leech are huge fans of both and actually met and instantly bonded over their mutual love of Alice in Wonderland. read and leechThese aren’t just craft books, but also cookbooks. Well, mostly baking is involved, getting gelatin to set up and making sandwiches, so “makes” as they call their food items in their books, is probably a better term than something that is actually “cooked”. Both books are peppered with equal measures of food as craft projects, but in my opinion, when it comes to this set of books, the crafts are what really shine. everything alice Everything Oz I own both books and adore them. Everything Alice features such projects as, a Wonderland shadow puppet show complete with paper silhouettes you make using their templates, mad hatter-inspired party hats, a hand sewn white rabbit, a cake stand made from thrifted tea cups and vintage plates, and lavender-flavored French macarons for noshing on while sipping your mad tea. alice furniture puppet show hats Everything Oz features a Rainbow layer cake, smashed witch cupcakes with the striped-tight witch legs sticking out, make-your-own ruby slippers that you deck out with red sequins, green hair decorations worthy of any Emerald City citizen and a Star of Oz light box. Plus, much more to love because, because, because, because, because. emerald-hair-pieces ruby slippers star box The craft and baking projects here are of a very high quality, which is extremely refreshing in a sea of craft books that sometimes sacrifice taste levels for ease of use. The flip side is that these two books are probably not going to offer very many projects for novices to the crafting world. I can see them being easily adaptable, but a very creative individual would have to be able to have the vision to do so. Even so, I highly recommend both books as they are lovely to look at and are extremely evocative of the fantastical worlds that inspired them. Both are great for party inspiration for your kids, or the kid in you. Until the next creative, Sci Fi/Fantasy adventure Deep Fryers!


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