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Fried-Day News Nuggets: August 9, 2013


1. Back to the Future was in the news a lot today. This side by side comparison of Back the Future II’s aging make up is amusing and not so far off base.

Here is an article on how BTTF got the future right.

And this week, Crispin Glover revealed the real reason he didn’t reprise his BTTF role in the sequels.

2. Elysium was just released.

3. Here is a detailed professional map artists’ map of George R. R. Martin’s Westeros.

4. A man built his aquarium interior to look like a miniature version of the Avatar planet.

5. Some foreign Sci Fi films we all need to see.

6. Sean Young is being controversial again. Surprise surprise.

7. The title of the Sharknado sequel was chosen by Twitter-ified fans and is as stupid as you thought it would be.

8. In some incredibly weird news, CBS is creating a medical drama based on the Wizard of Oz, yes, the Wizard of Oz. I will watch the heck out of that S#!t just for the sheer weird factor and my love of Oz…and well, medical dramas, frankly. I will watch it just because because because because because…

9. Bleeding Cool claims it got its hands on a breakdown of casting specifications for Star Wars Episode VII. Who knows?

10. And finally, in case you are a Sci Fi fan who lives under a rock, you probably know whether you want to or not, that Peter Capaldi was named the 12th Doctor this past Sunday in an Internationally aired BBC special. Here is an article about how he was such a rabid Doctor Who fan that he badgered the BBC as a youngster.

And if you still can’t get on board with the choice of Capaldi as the next doctor, then here are some more reasons to love him.

And a related but separate note, an interesting article about the potential for non-white, non-male Doctors in the future. Even if you are against the idea, this is an interesting read.


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