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Fried-Day News Nuggets: July 26, 2013: Comic Con, Godzilla, Gaiman, and More


First off, this week saw Whovians across the globe, but particularly in the UK, losing their Who religion and getting absolutely nuclear level incensed over the release of the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary trailer at San Diego Comic Con last weekend. They were especially angry since it was not released on line within hours of airing at the Con. It still hasn’t been released on line. And it was announced today that the November 50th Anniversary Special will air at the same time all over the globe. That means while the UK is watching it at 8PM GMT, I will be watching it at 3PM EST and Los Angeles will watch it at Noon. It will air at 7AM in Sidney, Australia.

Here are some winners and losers from SDCC. and a list of things from SDCC we should know about if we didn’t get to go. That would be me.

The symbolism of Kaiju gets explained by the latest Godzilla film’s director. and here is an article about how many monsters will feature.

Josh Holloway is back this fall on a new Sci Fi show called Intelligence. He explains the disadvantages of being his character.

Here’s a review of Jim Butcher’s latest short story which appears in George. R. R. Martin and Gardner Dozois’ anthology Dangerous Women and they pronounce it good. How could it be otherwise, really?.

Neil Gaiman is writing a video game, yes a video game. I know.

At, a video by the Double clicks addresses the sexist issue of “Fake Geek Girls”.

Here is zombie news that doesn’t have to do with The Walking Dead but is instead very Grimm

This Torchwood guest star just nabbed a Game of Thrones Season 4 role.

And finally there was a Star Wars Reunion.


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