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Fried-Day News Nuggets: July 19, 2013 (Sallie’s Birthday!)

ImageSan Diego Comic Con is in full swing, so here is a round up about the first day. and as a bonus, an article on some types of cosplayers one would see there. and here is why Matt Smith decided to stop being the Doctor. and even more astounding cosplay,

Here are some gorgeous, recently released cover drawings by Mary Grandpre for Scholastic’s American versions of Rowling’s Harry Potter books.

Some speculation on what will really rock our Sci Fi/Fantasy worlds on the Fall TV lineup

In Firefly News, yes there is Firefly news. No, there is no new movie or a TV show reboot coming; it is a new online game. Hey! Be happy there is anything new about Firefly!

Mark Gatiss, recently of Sherlock and Doctor Who fame, will join the cast of Game of Thrones.

This time a woman, DC president Diane Nelson (anyone else think it is ironic that her name is Diane?) weighs in negatively on a Wonder Woman film. Ugh. How anti-feminist, Diane.

These cookie cutters make my fangirl heart go “squee”!

Four years on and the producers of Battlestar Galactica still have no answer to fans’ questions about who or what Starbuck was after season 3 and what was her fate in the finale.

Sixth Doctor Colin Baker weighs in on the Great Female Doctor Debate, favorably. Awesome.

And because Star Trek turned me into the major geek I am today, here is a sneak peek at Hallmark’s new Star Trek Christmas ornaments for 2014. Love it!

And as a bonus this week, this gem about Neil Gaiman made the rounds of social media thanks to Gaiman himself who got tickled by the random choice of number 14. Who can blame him? I am so glad I know what kind of cheese he prefers, for now when he and Amanda come by for aperatifs, I will not make an embarassing social gaff, at least not with cheese (no, I don’t know them). LOL


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