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Fried-Day News Nuggets: July 12, 2013: Sharknado, The Next Doctor, Pacific Rim, and a Mia Farrow/Philip Roth Caper that didn’t Happen.


This week, Sharknado, the car wreck of a flick that ran on Sy Fy dominated the social media sites and incited many to near violence. Why is this dreck being made and why am I now giving them free promotion? Ugh. We got a glimpse of David Bradley in the upcoming Adventures in Time and Space docudrama about Doctor Who, we found out that a police car in NY is driving around at night playing the Imperial March from Star Wars, and heard what we thought was a legitimate story about Mia Farrow and Philip Roth watching the above Sharknado together. It was almost weird enough to be believable, but evidently wasn’t. Read on, my Deep Fryers…

This cool, if a bit forced, theory about the Pixar films being in the same universe was posted this week.

This photo of David Bradley (best known for playing Filch in Harry Potter) as William Hartnell as The First Doctor started making the rounds on social media this,week.

Send Her Flora? In real Science, it turns out the microorganisms in your stomach might have affected your mate choice. Weird.

Someone in the NYPD is a Sci Fi fan?

Here’s a comic saga we should all be reading apparently.

Pacific Rim turns out to have some heart after all.

Sy Fy’s Dreckitudinous Sharknado stirred up a poop storm on social media.

Here is a bit from The Nerdist’s Cosplay Fridays.

The Next Doctor rumor mill has hit this actor now. Could he be the one?

And the Sharknado struck again with this Mia Farrow/Philip Roth tweet hoax. What! What? What…


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