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Fried-Day News Nuggets: July 5, 2013


This craziness was floating around, a trailer for Sharknado that is hilarious.

This  series that I found on YouTube by Ridley Scott is frightening.

The secret to John Hurt and the part he is playing on Doctor Who, came out this week and it was an anticlimax for those of us who didn’t need it spelled out and knew what was going on.

Darth Vader jogged across the desert. Well, he is from Tattooine!

I read Neil Gaiman’s The Ocean at the End of the Lane and had my mind blown and fell deeper in love with Mr. Gaiman’s work. And got really really hungry. Seriously the descriptions of food will make you crave great, fresh farm food.

Here is a Trek podcast to end all Trek podcasts. They are covering the original three seasons.

A student developed an awesome 3D printed exo skeletal cast to shame all current casts.

Potterheads, Diagon Alley was added to Google Maps Street View.

Shyamalan unconvincingly denied that his new show rips off the  premise of Twin Peaks.

A weird fourth doctor video was released,

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