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Fried-Day News Nuggets, June 21, 2013: Bite Sized Speculative News For Your Consumption


First things first, there is a SuperMoon this weekend, but this article claims it is over-hyped and won’t be that special. Enh, go look at it with your loved ones anyway.

This article about book-to-movie adaptations caught my eye today.

And Gene Roddenberry’s ashes are headed to space, my dears. The Final Frontier.

Joss Whedon is gearing up to see Man of Steel to do his homework.

News broke that Robert Downey Jr. will continue being Iron Man. Why not? It is a steady paycheck for the guy.

Poking fun at the New Doctor fervor, Kevin Bacon told people it was he. And, this finally came out about the Doctor Who “missing” episodes and people still are believing there are 3 tons of film somewhere being sorted through by BBC minions as we speak. I have given up hope, myself.

Woodley is out of The Amazing Spiderman trilogy and Gadon is in, which makes me sick.

In real Science news, a huge bumblebee death has been discovered and just adds to the bees dying off concern.

Orwell’s 1984 being only $3.00 as an ebook is a travesty to me.

Here is an R2D2 cake that actually has a holographic Leia message emanating from it.

And finally, in non-Sci Fi news, James Gandolfini died of a heart attack and broke many of the hearts of those of us who loved his work. Here is a sweet Sesame Street video featuring him.


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