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Wednesday Deep Fried Sushi: Are There Recovered Doctor Who Tapes Or Not?


Usually I bring you Sunday Deep Fried Sushi but this story is so fishy and so back and forth that I thought it deserved the Deep Fried Sushi treatment where we try to wrap it up in a short little bite for consumption.  So here goes. Back in the 70’s, to save money, the BBC erased tapes of some of the Hartnell and Troughton era episodes of Doctor Who because it was viewed as a kids show that no one would want to revisit. How very wrong they were. Here we are in the 50th anniversary year and people are champing at the bit to get more Who anywhere and everywhere.

Which brings me to recent rumors about “lost” episodes resurfacing in Africa. Here is an article about that. Next, just several days ago, Ian Levine, a former Doctor Who script consultant, vehemently denied the rumors and said it was a hoax. This then spread like wildfire across web sites and social media and everyone was reporting it was a hoax.

Then yesterday, this ran and Ian Levine had done a 180 and was saying there are in fact hordes of missing episodes that have been recovered and we are all left just as confused and anxiously full of hope as we were when the news first broke. Ugh. Here is Levine’s tweat about it, even.

Who flippin knows at this point?  I have to say right now that I had a premonition a while back about a huge Doctor Who lost episode recovery coming in the 50th anniversary year, but I really never thought that I would be right. Of course, we don’t know yet if I am right.  The BBC are the only ones who know for sure. We must still wait and see, fans, but if it is true this will be the most epic Doctor Who missing tape recovery EVER! I know many of us certainly hope this rumor is true and that the DVDs will be available as soon.


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