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Fried-Day News Nuggets On Saturday June 14, 2013

ImageSorry they are a day late, but I had a medical emergency and couldn’t get them done yesterday. So here is what happened and is happening today in the world of Sci Fi/Fantasy/Science/Geek Culture and then some of the things I just thought were cool or caught my eye this week. A lot of True Blood caught my eye, but that is understandable as it returns this week.

This GIF-laden article was posted yesterday about True Blood and had me giggling. And BTW, if you haven’t already, read the Southern Vampire Mysteries books by Charlaine Harris that inspired the series. The last one just came out.

This made the fangirl side of me squee with cuteness. Forgive me.

Here are stupid things that people did because a movie “inspired” them. Ugh.

Gene Wilder shocked me and had a little hissyfit about Charlie and the Chocolate Factory in an article at Huff Post. Hey Gene, can’t we all just get along?

Never one to dislike when people honor Sci Fi or Fantasy through food, I found this and fell in love and want to make my own SushiWoks. Which incidentally isn’t a great name as it sounds like the name of a Mall Sushi shop. How about Nori Woki instead? No? Okay.

The new Hobbit trailer hit.

Joss Whedon lamented the lack of women superheroes,

And then I saw this article and thought, yeah, hey we have Pam on True Blood at least. It’s a start,

Disney is planning a Star Wars addition in Disney World

And here is a True Blood podcast from The Nerdist web site.

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