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Sunday Deep Fried Sushi (A Wrapped Up Fishy Bit of News): The New Doctor

Right now there is a lot of misinformation being bandied about the casting of the next Doctor. A few months ago we were led to believe by Steven Moffat that Matt Smith was staying on until 2014. Yeah, I know, I haven’t forgotten rule number one that he, like the Doctor, lies. But many fans believed our beloved Matt was going to stick around for at least a little while before departing to Hollywood for good. Then he was filming How to Catch A Monster and shaved his locks. This shocked many fans, but not me. I knew that they could use wigs, or that it would grow back in time, and I also knew that Martin Freeman and Benedict Cumberbatch both have been making films and are still sticking around for Sherlock. But then last week the announcement came and Matt was leaving for good in the Christmas Special and the game was on. Facebook and other forums exploded with people’s favorite recommendations for the new Doctor. Fights about casting a female ensued. Racism was a topic to a lesser degree. And then this weekend, all of the speculation reached a fever pitch with rumors of an official BBC announcement being made on Saturday or Sunday. And three names were released. Here are those articles.

Then today, much much mention in many many UK papers about another contender, Rory Kinnear. Here are those articles.

We still don’t know if this is for real. I tend to wonder about today’s articles, though. I think they might be on the money. Moffat keeps insisting that he has just started casting the part, but with Arthur Darvill’s recent revelation that he had known about Matt’s departure for ages, I seriously am doubting anything that Moffat says, troll that he is. We still have to wait and suspense isn’t killing me. The speculation is.

And as a coda, here is Rory’s response. Rory. Hee.


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