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You Wouldn’t Like Me When I’m Angry: A New Awareness of My Geek Grudges


I realized something about myself recently that I guess I always knew on a subconscious level, but had never fully actualized into my awareness of myself as a Sci Fi/Fantasy geek girl. I can seriously hold a huge geek grudge. I knew I could do it IRL, but I had never realized how much angst I harbored with Sci Fi producers and idiotic network executives until I stopped and realized that it had been 20 years since Quantum Leap had been on the air as a network show, and that I was still harboring anger about its cancellation. Twenty years! I have been annoyed and irritated by this fact for two decades! I have waited through rumors of a tv show return with Sam’s daughter, Samantha as the star and through the 2010 rumors of a big screen motion picture, all to no avail. Twenty years hoping some crumb of it would return and furious at the network execs who axed it while I was living abroad in England.  I was shocked at how long I had been angry over this to say the least.

Then just yesterday I was reading an on line article about the dream of more Firefly movies or a tv show being completely dead (corpsified as the article so reverently put it, and I do mean reverent as that would be some Firefly-type of speak there.), and I thought about the fact that it had been canceled eleven years ago!  Eleven and I am still angry. Although, to be fair, I really didn’t come to the fandom until about 2005 when I watched it on DVD. So for me it has only been 8 years. But still. Long time to hold a grudge.

And then I got to thinking about how I probably have grudges having to do with other franchises and fandoms and realized, yeah I really do. I am much like Simon Pegg’s Tim from Spaced about the Star Wars prequels. I hated them and am still angry at Lucas for their utter artistic failure to the point that when it was announced earlier this year that he had sold the franchise to Disney, I actually felt a bit jubilant out of the sheer hope that a fresh and besotted eye might re-shape the saga into something more akin to the spirit of the original films. I am also, three years on since it wrapped up, still irritated with Lindelof and company over  Lost. I am, however,  secure in the knowledge that I am not alone in being excruciatingly disappointed and incensed at how that series played out in its final seasons and ultimately in the series finale. Many were and are annoyed still by being left with so many threads untied. And finally, I am also angst-ridden over the most recent installment of Star Trek which I can’t go into with any depth, lest someone reading this has not been fortunate enough to see it. Suffice it to say, I was deeply disappointed by its handling of some Classic Trek elements and confounded as to why they completely opened their franchise up with an alternate universe  establishment only to attempt to pander to Classic fans with such a huge reliance on said Classic elements. It is more mind-boggling to me than a time travel paradox.

So that leads me to a question. Are all of us Sci Fi geeks, especially those tied to television and film media, doomed to putting our anger on simmer and letting it stew for years? Watch out for Part 2: Does the nature of television foster Geek Grudges?

One thought on “You Wouldn’t Like Me When I’m Angry: A New Awareness of My Geek Grudges

  1. for the love of god, do not get me started on my grudge against JJ Abrams and what he’s done to my beloved Star Trek. I didn’t consider myself a Trekkie until he made those horrible movies.

    and I miss Quantum Leap too. Even though Bakula was awful on Enterprise.

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