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Domo Arigato, Mrs. Roboto


You love robots?  You going to Tokyo?  Looking for a Sci Fi type place to eat and drink? Look no further than the Shinjuku Kabukicho district where Robot Restaurant is located. There you can drink a beer for exorbitant prices and watch bikini clad women ride on the front of scantily clad women/robot hybrids which customers sometime control. It is a bit Hooters-like or Tilted Kilt-y, but more mechanical and Sci Fi-meets-Vegas-on-steroids. It seems people find it fun, though. I, personally,  find it tacky and sexist. It doesn’t seem to be the cool type of robot bar I was expecting when I started reading all the on line articles about it. Have a look for yourself.–controlled-actual-women.html


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