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This New Doctor Speculation is Getting On My Last Nerve


I am already so annoyed with everyone’s posts on Doctor Who forums and Facebook pages about who will be the next Doctor. It isn’t just people’s choices, but the inanity of their choices and the sheer volume of speculation that has already tired me after only two days have passed since the announcement that Matt Smith will be leaving the role. I just can’t even deal with posting this blog post because it is irking me so much. Matt Smith just resigned. People are sad. Let’s grieve a little for gosh sakes. LOL. And seriously, isn’t there anything better to talk about right now?  No, I don’t want Rupert Grint just because he is ginger. Or Daniel Radcliffe. Ditto on no Eddie Izzard as much as I worship that man. I also think that Tom Hiddleston would be a bad choice and Idris Elba. Maybe Chwietel Eijofor would be good, but not Elba. I also think that Russell Tovey would be a bad choice.

Moffat picked Matt Smith and really he was perfect despite his young age. And all of the choices have been great in New Who, so I believe I am safe in assuming that Moffat and the powers that be are competent to pick the next relatively unknown actor to play the Doctor. We won’t like him at first, but we will grow to love him and be sad when he eventually leaves, as well. Farewell Matt. I wish you could stay forever, but I am glad you were here at all.

Here is a fun link on book makers testing the odds on people’s popular choices.


And here is an article on why it should be a woman. I say, why Not?http://www.hollywood.com/news/tv/38162977/the-next-doctor-who-star-could-be-a-woman-and-it-should-be?page=all

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