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Deep Fried-Day News Nuggets, May 31, 2013


This cartoon, which hasn’t even premiered on The Hub yet,  is now the most controversial cartoon to come out in a while because a young boy becomes a superhero by dressing up like…gasp…shockhorror…a girl!  Whatever. I will now watch the hell out of it just to tick off the Right Wing.

An interview with Orphan Black’s Tatiana Maslany.

Buzz Aldrin ragged on Will Smith’s new Sci Fi movie, After Earth. Hee.

This terrifying new Science news was dropped today; women evolving out of menopause.

Have a listen to this, a story about a Golem and a Jinni (Genie) relocating to Modern Day New York

Patrick Stewart allegedly tried pizza for the first time and tweeted about it and it went viral. Here he explains and his explanation is so anticlimactic, Wenh wanh. But then he spoke out about his domestic violence charitable work and how it related to his own family of origin and was so eloquent and authentic about it, all was forgotten.

Sci Fi wunderkind Joss Whedon, not one to let Neil Gaiman get a leg up on him with commencement addresses (Gaiman’s so 2012!), gave one of his own last weekend to Wesleyan graduates.

A Dutch foreign minister used Game of Thrones as a political analogy.

Edgar Wright commented on possible involvement with Star Wars Episode VII and a Spaced reunion and the news is sad, but probably true.

And the much loved Bernard Cribbins was interviewed by Digital Spy this week about his multiple past involvements with Doctor Who.

And one to grow on this week a trailer for a short film that keeps popping up everywhere,


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