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Our Name is Deep-Fried, But We Don’t Have to Look Like We Are


Wanting some more in-depth analysis and examination of more meatier and serious Science Fiction and Fantasy on our blog? Don’t worry, it is coming, but those types of posts take a bit of time, so, for now, here is another light, fluff post. This time about geek-themed exercise. We do want to avoid being a cliched, lumpy potato, don’t we?

This morning, I stumbled upon this Star Wars Yoga meme, over on PINTEREST (we have an account over there BTW, http://pinterest.com/deepfriedscifi/Image

It’s pretty funny and well done. And it inspired me a bit, so I decided to do a little, light research about Sci Fi workouts and found this page where they had already compiled some fan-created lists devoted to the subject. There are several geek-inspired workouts there for you to do while you watch your favorite fandom’s shows and/or films.


Need some work out gear that is worthy of a Sci Fi geek?  Try these. http://fitness.popsugar.com.au/7-Sci-Fi-Galaxy-Print-Workout-Clothes-29505134

And then, if you want to avoid actual exercise, you can watch this very odd video which I add  just because it is so very, very bad and because it was called the Sci Fi Jazz Workout. Though I must say, the only thing connected to Sci Fi that I can find in this video is the inclusion of Joan Collins, who back in the 60’s played Edith Keeler in the now infamous and much beloved City on The Edge of Forever episode of Star Trek TOS. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2KwuQa4-_VU

Now get off the couch and once in a while, go outside, okay?

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