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Lady of the Rings? A LOTR Gender Switch

Have you ever lain in bed re-casting your favorite Sci Fi/Comic/Fantasy blockbusters?  I have. Some people have made some pretty impressive memes about this topic, and then there are some not so great ones like the ones here,

But then, from out of the darkness of the fandom forest comes, once or twice in a lifetime, something truly inspired.  Such is the case with this gender-switched re-casting devoted to the LOTR films. It is a great idea because Lord of the Rings isn’t just full of rings, but full of men. The only reason the films had any women beyond Eowyn was because a scriptwriter decided to delve into the further works of Middle Earth that were also penned by Tolkien.

In the case of this re-casting photo list,  I find Alexis Bleidel to be an inspired choice for a female Frodo. She has that same big, blue-eyed innocence and slightly bland quality that Elijah Wood possesses.  And the same overall coloring. Well done on that one.Image

Casting Phyllida Law, is good, she is a great actress and has the physical stature and grace required to be a Gandalf, but I also think that Maggie Smith would be good although she has already played a wizard in Harry Potter so that might confuse things a bit. Even Judi Dench could carry it off as far as her demeanor, but she doesn’t have the physicality required for the role.


I am much less certain about the choices of Tilda Swinton as Boromir or Katee Sackhoff as Samwise Gangee. Image

Especially the latter. She is too hard and slinky for Sam. You need someone more comfy and personable like Kaley Cuoco. She is still sexy, so you would still lure in the 12-18 year old boy market, but she is more softened and sweet than Katee. I just don’t know if she can hit the emotional touchstones required in the dramatic parts of the story. That would be a concern with Cuoco. She still hasn’t proven her dramatic chops. Sackhoff has, but I still worry about her sexual allure getting in the way of playing a hobbit.

I don’t have much of a beef with the other choices, I think they could work. Maybe I don’t like Anne Hathaway or maybe she is fine. I might have to think about that one. But, one question: Who plays Gollum? He was once a river elf, you know. Anyway, enjoy. The entire set of photos can be seen here,


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