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Turning Thirty, It’s A Trap

Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi

Watch out Return of the Jedi, turning thirty can be problematic. Some people will want to toss you aside for something younger, sleeker, and fresher-looking. That shouldn’t happen to you, though. Seems like you still hold up admirably well after all these years. Keep up the good work. Ewoks or no. Personally, I love them. I am with Marshall on How I Met Your Mother; the Rebellion would not have won without them And how can you hate on Warwick Davis as Wicket, anyway? Of course most men hate the ewoks and only remember Leia in her gold bikini. She was simultaneously exploited and badass in it. Many also didn’t like ROTJ. I love it. I love them all in the original trilogy. The less said about what came after, the better for today’s celebrations. So, in honor of the 30th anniversary of the final installment in the original Star Wars trilogy, here are some fun links to check out.:

30 Things That You Didn’t know Star Wars gave us.

25 Things You Didn’t Know about ROTJ

Here is a short documentary on the 30th Anniversary of ROTJ by the director of Fanboys.

Lots of fun stuff here.

And here is a short film on the celebration.

And finally, here is a video from Cracked After Hours on how Star Wars as a whole is a bit sexist and a scary universe for women.  Very funny, but with adult language and subjects.