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Deep Fried-Day News Nuggets, May 24, 2013


An article about why fighting over the Disney princess change in Merida’s appearance is vitally important.

Two films might have a struggle over the casting of Quiksilver for X-Men: Days of Future Past

Here is a new Dystopian novel that uses actual real science which is refreshing.

3-D Printers were all up in the news this week with Japanese Toy companies turning people’s faces into toys, NASA developing 3-D pizzas for reasons I still don’t understand and now this story about this toddler being saved via this technology.

Here are Star Trek Into Darkness stars trying to sort out what is IKEA furniture and what are Star Trek character names. Funny.

Here’s a snippet from Dan Aykroyd where he talks a bit about Ghostbusters 3. Sorry, Dan, but if you can’t get Bill Murray on board, I ain’t interested. And please no Shia Le Beauf.

Joss Whedon spoke about his new, upcoming Fall series, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D

Since I am already missing Doctor Who after  Season 7B just ended last Saturday, here is a video of Strax answering kids questions.

Sir Christopher Lee has an album that has me wrinkling my forehead and scratching my head.

Here is a rare interview with Stephen King from yesterday:


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