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Craftin’ and Cookin’ the Deep Fried Way 3: How It “Felt” to Me

Today, I went to our local Book Fair which is basically two warehouses full of discounted books that is just awesome. I have been going for over 20 some years and there looks to be little sign of an end in sight for my cheap book deal-loving ways. There, at the glorious book mecca, I, on an ever-so-yucky rainy afternoon, encountered, not one, but three Sci Fi/Fantasy themed craft books I had previously never seen, and a horror-themed cupcake book I will never be able to un-see.

The first craft book to encounter my I Spy eye was Crobots:Twenty Amigurumi Robots to Make by Nelly Pailloux.


It was a cute book, and most of it was well done and chock-a-block with cute, little crocheted bots. There are even Matryoshka robots and geisha bots, but many of the robots weren’t the most innovative designs I have ever seen, and some of the patterns and the execution were a bit unfinished looking. Maybe for a beginner, this is a good book because the designs are rather simple. Cut your teeth on this one and then see what else you can whip up.

Next up, I  found Steampunk Softies: Scientifcally-minded Dolls From a Past That Never Was by Sarah Skeate and Nicola Teadman,


It was an incredibly creative book for making felt softies with, well, felt and fabrics and also found objects. They had the Steampunk, Alternative Universe Victoriana feel, but were also stinkin’ cute. I can recommend that book as it had some innovative approaches and fun-looking projects.

And finally, for the crafts, I stumbled upon Knits for Nerds: 30 Projects: Science Fiction, Comic Books, Fantasy by Toni Carr


It is a varied, Science Fiction-themed craft book for making items like knit “Space Princess hair” and striped “Time Traveler” scarves. I am thinking she did not have the rights to use “Princess Leia hair” or “Doctor Who scarf” for this publication. Who can blame her for not securing the rights to these terms? Anyway, as the “Space princess hair” looks like a knit set of brown danishes, we get the picture. Also featured are knit “aim to misbehave” browncoats inspired by Firefly, Tank Girl knee socks, and Big Bang Theory inspired sweater vests.

And last but not least, as I made my way out of the store, I took a quick stroll through the cookbook aisles and low and behold stumbled upon this horrific gem, Zombie Cupcakes: From Grave to the Table With 16 Cupcake Corpses by Zilly Rosen.


The cupcakes looked fairly creative and suitably ghoulish and zombified, but are also slightly just Halloweeny and not strictly zombie-like, and I thought about purchasing the book for my zombie-obsessed spouse, but I passed as he is supposed to cut back on his sweets. Technically this cupcake book is baking and not cooking, but let’s not split gross zombie hairs over this. If you, or someone you love, also dig this sort of unDead-type thing, check this book out for sure.

All in all, I can really only recommend the cupcake book wholeheartedly and the Steampunk felt book. Their publication quality was higher and the content executed much more cleanly and originally. The others are fairly good and cute, though, so it will be up to you as to whether they will suit your nerdy needs or not. Maybe sniff around Amazon to see if you can sneak a peek or check on Google Books.

Until next time, same craftin’ time, same cookin’ channel!


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