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Deep Fried-Day News Nuggets


This was always intended to be a weekly feature, but I was under the weather last Friday and simply forgot, so expect it from now on that we will have Fried-Day nuggets every Friday.

An interview with Mystery Science Theater 3000’s Frank Conniff.

Here is a review of Charlaine Harris’ much anticipated Dead Ever After book, the last of the Sookie Stackhouse/Southern Vampire Mysteries/Trueblood books at number 13.

There is a new Doctor Who The Name of the Doctor clip for the finale which airs on the BBC, BBC America, and on line tomorrow.

The full trailer of ABC’s Agents of Shield came out this week.

Disney did something right by making Brave’s Merida an official princess but did so after giving her a glammed up overhaul that is rightfully ticking people off.

An interview with Dan Luvisi,

Neil Gaiman had a second Doctor Who episode Nightmare in Silver air last Saturday and his latest book will be out next month.

Here is Gillian Anderson’s AMA on Reddit (ask me anything)

Here is the Casino Royal opening done in Lego.

Angry Birds is somehow going to be a movie.


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