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BBC America, WHO Do you Think You Are?


I am endlessly frustrated with BBC America. Yes, they still run my favorite Sci Fi show of the moment, Doctor Who and I should be grateful for that, and I am,  but they move the older episodes around on the schedule constantly, run endless hours of Ramsey and Top Gear, and put very awesome British comedies on too late at night for me to catch them. No, I don’t have DVR right now. I thought they could stoop no lower,  but it has now been reported that they released the Doctor Who Season 7B DVDs to the US public too early and there are reports of people spoiling or threatening to spoil the Season Finale for all Whovians on line because they now have The Name of the Doctor episode in their possession a week early. I, for one, have already seen enough potential spoilers in the last few weeks that have already potentially ruined the episode for me, so if I stumble across this information in the coming week, I might just have to unleash some serious nerd fury. Moffat has promised a clip of Smith and Tennant together in the 50th if fans keep their mouths shut and hands off of social media boards, but I have already heard reports of the info being leaked. Thanks you useless fandogs. See how Simeon looks in this photo above?  I will look worse than that if I come across their path. Pity the one who spoils it for me. Here is more info about the incident in question.




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