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Is Steampunk Over or Just a Bit…Cosplayed?


I really respond to Steampunk in many ways. I love the juxtaposition of old and new. Victorian and technology. Gadgety, but genteel. I loved the look of the somewhat recent Sherlock Holmes movies. I loved the Eighth through Eleventh doctor’s consoles. I love Steampunk MIxed Media Art. But…its reign has been going on for over 10 years now and its ubiquitiousness has taken away a bit from its special subgenre hipsteriness. Maybe it is time for something else or for Steampunk to reinvent itself. I am really quite sick of seeing steampunk versions of cosplays for one. I should love them, but I really can’t take one more girl dressed up as a Steampunk TARDIS  and the recent Iron Lady (Man) or even Wonder Woman steampunk cosplays that have circulated through social media leave me cold.

steampunk iron lady

So maybe it isn’t steampunk that I so much am tired of seeing (because I loved the Steampunk AT AT), maybe it is the steampunk comic book or Sci Fi Alternate Universe characters that are being cosplayed. There could still be an argument made for Steampunk being too prevalent and therefore, now dead or at least rasping a death ratte. Even the Doctor has moved on to high tech and white these days when it comes to his TARDIS interior. I don’t know. I still love it in some contexts. Is Steampunk passe? Does it need to finally die? What do you think?



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