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Seven Reasons Why I Feel Something is Slightly Off in the Seventh Season of Doctor Who


First of all, I still think this show is amazing. It wouldn’t be one of my favorites if it wasn’t. And I don’t have major butt hurt over the show. I stand by my earlier post this week about there being too much negativity surrounding the show. But I did want to weigh in with my own thoughts about why people might be feeling a bit disgruntled with Season 7 of Doctor Who. None of these points should really cause fans to stop watching all together, and most aren’t even major complaints. These are just observations as to why people might feel that something is missing.

One, we are seeing the companion through the Doctor’s eyes instead of the companion standing in as our proxy so we see the Doctor through the Companions’s eyes.

Two, unlike most New Who seasons, we had companions leave halfway through a season and now we have little time to get to know the new companion so we still feel off kilter with her.

Three, the stories have been a bit jam packed with dialogue, with plot, with new special effects and that cramming leads to some slightly sloppy storytelling as things get excised for time.

Four, which dovetails well off of point three, is there have been  no two-parters which makes the storytelling that more truncated for some episodes that should have been longer, allowing for more fleshed out storytelling.

Five, new TARDIS interior in a season where we switched companions and had the season again split in two, which brings me to Six.

The split of the seasons is getting old. Loses momentum and we forget details and such. I know that last season was split and I didn’t feel the same, but then we had the same companions, the same interior and so continuity was maintained.

Seven, Maybe Matt Smith just riffs better off of three or more companions than he does just one. I love his chemistry with Clara, but when he has people like Strax and Vastra and Jenny around with them, he sparkles even more. It could be the energy of the actor (Smith) is better in a group dynamic.

Despite these observations, I am still enjoying Season 7B more than 7A and I won’t stop watching just because things don’t quite feel right for now. The episodes are getting better and better and I think that towards the finale and even the 50th, things will continue to improve. Some season are rocky. I sometimes feel that the 2005 season is not the best despite Eccleston being a great Doctor. I think the show hadn’t gotten its footing and the writing showed that. Some of season three was awful, but the latter half was amazing. And we know that Classic Who had many clunkers over the years. They can’t all be stellar, but I still believe that more often than not, they are.

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