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Don’t Get Bento-ed Out of Shape Over Packed Lunches: Sci Fi Themed Bento Boxes

Yes, we are called Deep Fried Sci Fi because with our Science Fiction we love the fat, but when it comes to food, we usually try to eat a little healthier. If you are trying to prepare healthy meals for your kids and you want to do something fun and creative for your little geeks, then you might want to consider making Bento Boxes with Sci Fi themes.

bento box1

Bento boxes have had a long tradition in Japan, they can be traced to the Kamakura Period (1185-1333), and  are single-portion carry out or home-packed meals that traditionally feature  rice, fish or meat, with pickled or cooked vegetables. The containers can range from mass produced disposable boxes to hand crafted lacquerware and everything in between. There are countless blogs devoted to this culinary art form in Japan and now this Japanese staple has become trendy in the States and more and more creative moms, who want to provide healthier options than the standard school lunches, are turning to this trend.


So popular is this trend in the US that more and more blogs and groups are devoted to it. With American Bento boxes, the focus is less on traditional Japanese ingredients and more on the creativity of presentation. Some do use sushi seaweed as a main ingredient, traditional Japanese style presentation, and some even have rice as a main feature, but many don’t. Many bento themes involve Kawaii (Japanese term for cute) cartoon and anime characters like Totoro and Hello Kitty or themes from games like Mario Bros, but I recently stumbled upon some blogs that had quite a range of Sci Fi-themed Bento  boxes. I was blown away by the breadth of creativity involved in these boxes and if  I were a geeky kid (and I was one), I would be thrilled to eat these lunches. After snapping a photo, of course.

lost bentoet bentojawa bentoPond bentoalien bentonot possible bentophineas bentochewie bentostormtroop bento

Here are some links to Blog articles on Sci Fi and other themed Bento Boxes for you to check out:

For this last link, this blog is tied to some other blogs in a Doctor Who themed Bento Box Hop. All you have to do is click on the Doctor Who Blog hop icon at the bottom and be sent to another DW themed Bento blog post. The same for the next site you are sent to and on and on until you cycle through the blog hop. Take a gander around. It is quite fun.

And an Impossible Astronaut Day Bento Blog hop as well.

Finally, here is another Bento blog hop, this time a “shiny” Firefly-themed one. Just click on the Firefly Blog Hop icon.

If  you still can’t get enough, Google Bento Boxes or go to PINTEREST and make a board of your favorites from there.

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