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Make Me Wonder!: Give Me A Wonder Woman Film Already


I am going to date myself, but I grew up watching Lynda Carter as Wonder Woman on television. I had Wonder Woman Underoos. I watched the Superfriends on ABC’s Saturday morning lineup. You could say I was a major Wonder Woman fan even though I have never in my life opened a comic about her. Many a woman in the US feels the same. At some point in many an American female’s childhood, she has played a part. She is the absolute favorite female comic book icon in this country.

So years ago, in the mid 2000’s, when I heard that Joss Whedon was working on a Wonder Woman script. I thought, that is an awesome fit, he is perfect for bringing her to the big screen as he is all about strong female superheroes (heroines is so old-fashioned to me). Eventually IMDB listed Moreena Baccharin as Wonder Woman, either through rumor or preliminary casting. I don’t know. And then nothing happend. Finally, came the big announcement. Due to creative differences, Whedon had pulled out of the project. Someone else would take over. And then we heard nothing for years.

Just the other day several Sci Fi blogs and web sites were reporting that David S. Goyer, the screenwriter behind Man of Steel and The Dark Knight, wants to do a Wonder Woman film. Well, I hope he gets to do so because it has been too long that Wonder Woman fans have waited for her to hit the big screen. The chances for it to be produced at all may increase greatly if Goyer champions this cause. Please, someone listen to Goyer and get this started.

But the road to getting a film like this made will not be an easy one. Just a couple of weeks ago there was an article about how major film studios do not want to back female hero-focused films as they historically have tanked at the box office. Movies like Elektra and Catwoman are sited as examples of  the folly of producing such films due to their failure to draw revenue. I mean, one has to only look at these films to see that they were bad, and they were about rather minor characters in Comic Book culture. Elektra is not a well-known super heroine to people outside of the Daredevil fandom, and the Catwoman in the Halle Berry film was not even based on the Catwoman from the Batman comics, but was a new creation. She’s a villain in Batman anyway.

But when we talk about a Wonder Woman film, we are not talking about just making another super heroine film. We are talking about making a film about THE number one super heroine of all time!  We are talking about a 70 year old American icon. We are talking about the biggest female comic book role model for women and the biggest object of obsession for male comic book fans. Her chance to reign as comic book movie queen is grossly long overdue. And a film with her as the central focus would definitely make money. Someone needs to get to stepping on this one and pronto. Or are we female fans going to have to rise up as Amazon women to kick some Holly wood butt?

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