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Whovian Flu: The Doctor Who Negativity Disease Is Catching

Today, doctorwhotv. co. uk came out with this article on whether fans have been criticizing Doctor Who too much. http://doctorwhotv.co.uk/doctor-hmph-is-there-too-much-negativity-48421.htm


I would tend to say yes, yes Doctor Who is receiving too much negative feedback. The fandom is hating on Moffat and Matt Smith and complaining about the 50th Anniversary special even though it is months away from airing. People are not happy about Clara or the Doctor or the new B part of this season. And they are all convinced that Moffat will ruin the show by actually revealing the name of the Doctor. Has Moffat ever done anything predictable, folks? I mean, seriously.

So, lighten up. If you don’t stop complaining or avoiding watching it, it will go away again. Ride it out. And stop analyzing every move the show makes as if it is some overly precious piece of cinema. It is for entertainment. It is still fun. It has magic to share with you, if you are willing to look and get over your butthurt.



One thought on “Whovian Flu: The Doctor Who Negativity Disease Is Catching

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