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The “Dead” Hits Critical Mass


The zombie craze resurfaced stronger than ever back in the mid 2000’s. Movie after movie about zombies, books, graphic novels, plays written about them, more and more people dressing up as them for Halloween and so on. Then came The Walking Dead television show adapted from the graphic novels and the whole Zombie Showpacalypse exploded. Now there are zombie products on every corner. So what on Earth could be new in the land of zombies?

What about a fragrance?  or Two? They are designed by Demeter Fragrance for those who simply can’t get enough of zombies and absolutely must smell like one. These are the same people who gave us Tomato, Dirt and Lobster Bisque scented fragrances.  http://www.ibtimes.co.uk/articles/456735/20130413/zombie-undead-demeter-fragrance.htm I actually love their original fragrances; Tomato smells delightfully realistic, yet special and fun. Their Ginger Ale used to be one of my staples, but Zombie For Him and For Her?  What does that smell like exactly?  Rotting flesh?  Lovely…

In addition, zombies have infiltrated weddings. Yeah, weddings. Not just for people who want to dress up as zombies in the ceremony, but for the more traditionally styled ones as well. Yeah, I said I would stay away from weddings for a while, but I lied.  The one on this link is quite the sweet photo shoot until the living dead show up. Creative, but is it something to share with your progeny and theirs?  Will it be so cute, then?  I don’t know. I am not into the zombie craze and do not watch The Walking Dead despite its critical acclaim, so I can’t be the judge. http://mommyhasapottymouth.com/totally-unique-and-hilarious-wedding-photo-album-6451/

If you are looking for more unique zombie products, made by an independent seller, then have a look at Tina Seamonster’s website. She has made a name for herself by designing sea monster-themed gear, but has also been designing zombie-themed products  for at least 5 years or more. http://www.tinaseamonster.com/

Personally, I am really tired of the zombie fixation. Can the zombie apocalypse be over now?  Frankly, I recommend caution with your zombie addictions. What if this is how the Zombie Apocalypse gets started?  Get inundated with zombie shows, movies, media, and paraphernalia and get turned into capitalistic zombie fans who then are effectively zombies. You have been warned.

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