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A Rose By Another Name: Megan Lara–Artist, Illustrator, and Rose Tyler Cosplayer Extraordinaire


I am a big Megan Lara fan. I first came across her work in Facebook Doctor Who forums, where her t-shirt designs can be spotted on a regular basis. So, I “liked” her page on FB, as well and discovered that she designs all manner of Sci Fi/Fantasy-themed t-shirts and posters and has done work on major graphic novels. I personally own her Amy Pond/Girl Who Waited tattoo art style Doctor Who t-shirt and plan on purchasing some more. You can check out her t-shirt designs at Redbubble.

And if all that talent weren’t’ enough, she is a virtuoso in cosplay.  Through a freak of genetics, some skillful makeup application, and an arsenal of blonde wigs, she is one of the most convincing Rose Tyler cosplayers I have ever seen. Okay, she has light eyes and Piper’s are brown, but in some of her photos, I defy you to tell the difference between her and Billie. It’s freaky and great fun to watch. You too can follow her on her Facebook page,

Photo courtesy of Donald Bowles.


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