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The Next Doctor or Does He Have to Be That Ginger?

ImageIf I could have a quarter for every time I have seen some Doctor Who noob write in Rupert Grint for the next doctor, I would of course be the proverbial millionaire, quite possibly even billionaire. What gives?  Are these just Potterhead nerds pining for their other fandom’s franchise or do they really believe him to be that great of an actor?

Personally I do not think that the Doctor “has to be ginger”. Yes, he has mentioned twice that he has wished to be ginger, and that is a very redhead positive thing to say. Catherine Tate can tell you herself that Britain needs ginger positive messages badly. And I love redheads. I have nothing against them. I am not against The Doctor being ginger if the best actor for the job is one, but I don’t think he absolutely has to be a redhead to fulfill some alleged foreshadowing comprised of two lines in the last 7 years. And Rupert Grint would never be my choice if he was a ginger.

The guy can act. One has to only see the Potter films, especially the later ones to know that. But Grint doesn’t have the chops to be the Doctor. We are talking about 1200+ year old Timelord from another planet. It is not an easy part to play, and it has been played by some seriously great British actors. Matt Smith’s virtuoso abilities alone make finding his successor virtually an impossible feat. Matt has the uncanny ability to pull off being a young-looking but rather ancient and rather alien Timelord, and he has the nuanced performance skills to add touches of past Doctors to his performance all within a matter of minutes or even seconds within any given episode. As much as I love David TENnant and his performances as the Doctor (and he is my number one favorite), I have to say that Matt may actually fit playing the Doctor even more than he does.

So the successor to Smith has to be someone capable of pulling off similar feats and he has to be someone with a wide acting range. Now, I could be wrong as he has been cast in a new CBS pilot, but I do not currently see Rupert Grint, as loveable as he is, ever pulling that kind of digging deep performance off. Ron Weasley was a brisk stroll for Grint. Doctor Who would be a marathon in the anti-Grav Olympics compared to that role. So please, can we stop mentioning him as the one who should be cast as the Twelfth Doctor when such a time arises? No?  Okay then, I will be devisinig a weapon against you. I hope my Time Lock will keep all of you goofy fans securely away from Doctor Who social media forever. I just have to wait for “The Moment” to arise…


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