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Amelie Nuptials Put the Chic in Geek


No, Amelie doesn’t have spaceships or aliens or a giant, fire-breathing, radioactive lizard creature (maybe it should have!), but it is very Geek Chic. While doing some light research for my last post about geeky weddings, I stumbled upon several sites devoted to weddings inspired by Jean Pierre Jeunet’s film Le Fabuleaux Destin d’Amelie, or Amelie, as it is known here in the States. Now, you may be asking yourself, why is she covering something inspired by a non-Science Fiction film on a Sci Fi blog? Well, we cover more than that; we also cover geek culture and fantasy. Jeunet was previously known for such dystopian offerings as Delicatessan and The City of Lost Children which possess some  Sci Fi/Fantasy qualities and are set in some grotesque and vaguely futuristic version of the world. Amelie, while much more conventional than the previous two films mentioned, also possesses surrealist qualities.

Amelie and her object of obession, Nico (see she is obsessed which tends to be a geek trait) are very introverted, slightly nerdy characters in a flights of fancy-filled fairy tale (whew, I may have alliterated you to death). It isn’t fantasy with wizards and small elfin creatures, but it is certainly fabulist in nature. It’s also one of the few romantic comedies to be both romantic and funny. Such an achievement is a rare feat in film and that, coupled with its  idealistic, highly-stylized version of Paris, inspires a lot of love from not just film geeks, but people who hardly ever watch foreign films. So, it is not surprising that this endearing little tale has inspired so many to create Amelie-themed weddings. Here are some of the best sites I discovered in my research.

In addition to these lovely Amelie weddings and wedding photo shoots, I also found not one, but two, Amelie-inspired, Save-the-Date videos that are quite geeky and really well done.

And I promise not to post on weddings again for a while!

One thought on “Amelie Nuptials Put the Chic in Geek

  1. The puzzle on why someone left torn photographs of himself at the railway photo booth is brilliant – and I never guessed why he was doing it.

    Amelie is a wonderfully haunting film.

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