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My Top List of Media that Celebrates Geek Chic


I have a confession to make. I am an Amazon Listmania geek. It used to be kind of popular at one time to make these lists, but it isn’t so much now. I have over fifty lists of things I love or have just categorized because I am a list-making geek when it comes to the things I enjoy. I am a bit of a trainspotter with these lists, I must admit. Here is one of them focusing on media that celebrates geeks. It is near and dear to my heart as just within the last year, I finally decided to not only be the geek that I was, but to celebrate it and in fact turn up the volume on my geekiness.  It is all out in the open and I have nothing to hide anymore. I am fully now, who I have always been, but I had previously been vaguely ashamed of my geeky qualities. No more. If you have any suggestions of items I might add to the list, drop us  a comment.

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