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Disney to Crank Out Star Wars Films Annually Starting in 2015

star wars

If this turns out to be Episode 7 released in 2015, then the Boba Fett nad Solo films, then I can take it, I think. At first I thought that Lucas selling Star Wars to Disney might be a great thing because of how he had made a mess of the Prequel trilogy, but now I am not sure anyone should continue making these films. I loved the originals. They were my gateway drug to Sci Fi as a child and set me on the road to Sci Fi geek girldom (okay, the girl part is a stretch these days, but oh well), but I don’t think JJ Abrams is right to direct Star Wars no matter the fact that he is more of a Wars fan than a Trek fan.  I don’t know if completely taking Lucas out of the equation was the answer either. We need Lucas circa 1977 or earlier. We need young-and-hungry-and-un-jaded-by-power-and-money Lucas. We also need to bring the Empire Strikes Back director back from the dead. Then the continuation of the Saga might work . Since none of that is possible and the pace of these releases is dizzying, my anxiety is now high about these films. Here’s to hoping they surpise me and prove my concern unwarranted.


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