Best Party Game Ever


Going to go out on a limb and say that, if you are reading this blag, you enjoy the social company of your fellow man. If you happen to need to pass the time at one of your many social engagements, and you happen to have a large number of fellow celebrants, this is a game I’d highly recommend: Werewolf

It’s no candy-assed Dungeons and Dragons knock off. No needlessly confusing rules. No self absorbed moderator. No noble half-elf archers, muscle bound warriors, valiant Valkyries, or wannabe wizards from central casting need apply. The point of the game Werewolf is survival via deception or deduction.

You’re either a villager or a werewolf, and the terrified villagers have no clue who is who! During the day, the werewolves walk among the sheep and the sheeple have to figure out who there werewolves are  because every night, there’s another horrific slaughter. Let the fun begin!

Nighty-nite, sheep! 🙂


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